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The Road to Heaven on Earth... full of potholes

On Sunday, I told you humanity is right on track and headed in the right direction.

And now, you might be wondering if I'm delusional, or just really out of touch::-)

Lets be clear, just because this is an amazing time, it does NOT mean its an easy time.

If we're on the road to Heaven on Earth, this road seems to be full of charlatans, false turns and potholes.

It looks messy out there guys but this is all part of the process.

A couple years ago I had a moment of seeing the darkness more clearly than I ever had before and it caught me off guard.

That was the year I came face to face with my own fear, sadness, and grief over the world.

And let me tell, ya, I didn’t see it coming.

The experience for me was like hitting a massive crack in the road, popping all my tires, and spiraling into a ditch.

Really unpleasant.

I spent the whole following year working my way through the layers and la

yers of rage that had been unearthed within me by this one external trigger.

What I learned is that the terror, sadness and anger I discovered was actually something that had been brewing for lifetimes...

...and it took the perfect external event in this life for me to be able to

un-earth it, shed light on it...

...and find the boatloads of forgiveness necessary to resolve it.

If you're doing your inner work, you'll have your moment too...

...if you haven't already.

The speed bumps, cracks, and road blocks we meet on this road to Heaven on Earth will be different for

each of us,

...perfectly designed to bring our focus to the things that need the most light.

Anything stored in your field that doesn't fit the Earth's new vibration is coming to the surface for your review.

Sorry to switch metaphors but its a lot like organizing a closet.

It usually gets messy before it gets clean.

Maybe you love this idea but you're frustrated because you just can't imagine how that closet will ever be clean.

OR how we'll ever reach our final destination.

Here's a little practice I just picked up from my amazing teacher Anne Tucker for feeling better and for beginning to exist in the energy

of our new world TODAY (if you're not there already!):

Start by imagining a world where EVERYONE understands we're all connected, our differences are valued, there's no need for war, and everyone has what they need.

Imagine a world where all people love and respect themselves, contentment and gratitude are the norm, and individuals are free to pursue their heart's desires.

Find the FEELING of that world...

Now, spend a little bit of time each day feeling that feeling.

Even if you're in the middle of a rough patch on your journey, you can still find at least 1 minute a day to locate that feeling and marinate in it.

Try this for a week and let me know how it goes!

One day at a time.

Enjoy the journey.

With so much gratitude,


PS....I've got a little more to say on this

subject. Look out for my email tomorrow.


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