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Where Are We Now and Where are We Going?

Camron Momyer

December 19th,




2020-2024 The Great Detox

Have you ever done a long cleanse or detox diet?

If so, you may remember, that the first three days are usually the hardest.

​A​round day two or three​, you may have hit a wall with all sorts of​ detox​ symptoms.

Maybe you didn't want to get out of bed; You may have felt anxious without your usual eating routines;

Maybe you broke out in a rash or had a headache; You may have noticed emotional baggage ​surfacing.

Many ​teachers, like Lee Harris, Gregg Braden and Pam Gregory, have been describing this period between 2020 and 2024 as an energetic "purge" or a "cleanse".

If this is the case, then the great news is we're half way through!

And the bad news is...

...we're only half way through and you're likely feeling some of those Day Two detox symptoms.

Don't worry, you'll be ok.

​So, if you were waiting for the age of Aquarius to arrive on ​gilded wings yesterday...

...or if you're feeling disillusioned because peace on earth has not yet arrived...

...take a deep breath and buckle up because there is more cleansing to be done.

​O​nce we wrap our heads around the fact that the outside world might look gnarly for a couple more years, ​we ​realize we might ​need to conserve our energy and make a plan for how to proceed.

Here are five hard-won tips on how to turn challenge into opportunity in this coming year.

Let's get down to work...

#1. When something triggers you, say "thank you".

Part of what we're doing here is learning to see the bigger picture so that we can be more neutral, more loving, and less reactive.

Ultimately, we're learning to understand ourselves and everyone else (good or bad) as a perfect and necessary part of the beautiful whole.

Anywhere we hold judgement toward ourselves or others...

anywhere we don't see our own beauty... going to rear its ugly head offering you the opportunity to see the illusions clearly for what they are.

The things that emotionally trigger us are like arrows, pointing to what we need to resolve within ourselves.

Once we realize this, we can be more efficient about the process.

So when we're feeling triggered by something, ask "what is this this showing me? What is the lesson here? What needs to be resolved within myself?"

As Tony Robbins likes to say, life happens for you not to you.

#2. There's a bigger reason for the polarity.

Does it feel to you like there's a lot of conflict right now? It does for me. Have you taken a strong side on an issue lately? I have.

If you're with me here, notice the temptation to de-humanize or belittle those you disagree with as ignorant, brain-washed, corrupt, or ill-informed.

Instead, is it possibly to give the benefit of the doubt and try to honor or respect the other perspective even if you never come to agree?

Can you at least try to see the love...find the "why" in the other opinion before jumping to blame and anger?

We all see issues differently depending on the perspective we're coming from.

When we understand this, it becomes more difficult to label something as "right" or "wrong".

Matias De Stefano​ (a living example of neutrality)​ says that becoming multi-dimensional means being able to see one thing from many different perspectives.

I believe we're all being asked to become more multi-dimensional at this time.

Could this be the reason for the division? Is this an opportunity to practice our multi-dimensionality?

#3. Speaking of Triggers - Been Angry Lately?

A while back, I heard Lori Ladd define anger as sadness wrapped in fear.

I found this immensely helpful.

Its pretty normal that you'd be wrestling with some anger right now. Most of us are frustrated about something.

Anger can be uncomfortable - especially when its directed at those you love most.

So how to deal?

Anger has too much fire in it to stuff down and hide.

While anger is a powerful generating and purging force when we allow it to move through... will shred your energetic system, (and your relationships), if you allow yourself to stay in it too long.

If you're stuck in anger and unable to move it, its important to recognize that anger is​,​ what psychologists call​,​ a secondary emotion.

Allowing yourself to feel what's underneath the anger can be really freeing.

Rather than trying to talk yourself out of anger, ask yourself first,

"what am I sad about here?".

You might be surprised at the answer.

Notice where you feel it in your body.

Treat the sadness like a small child. Talk to it and give it time to curl up in a ball on the couch.

Sadness moves quickly when you give it space to be.

Next, address the fear. While sadness deals with things that have already happened, fear is always about the future.

First, its important to be clear about what you're actually afraid of.

Often when we realize what's bothering us we see how unlikely that scenario actually is...

...OR we see that if our worst fear comes to pass, we'll be strong enough to handle it in the moment.

#4. Focus On the Moment

If you're overly focused on the outside world, you might find yourself in a state of perpetual, nagging anxiety.

I've been there.

You can replace this habit handily with the mantra "all is well".

Give yourself permission to stop trying to control the future and say to yourself...

..."All is well. In this moment all is well. All is well".

Feel your heart beat. Feel the support of those you love. Feel your unbreakable connection to Source. All Is Well.

When you start to feel the need to control through worry, remember, that your experience tomorrow is created by what you choose to focus on today.

What you focus on expands so, try focusing on the OK-ness of the now.

You can do this even if the world around you is burning.

#5. Look for​ the​ Beauty

So much of the unrest we see right now is a necessary growing pain of the old ways dying.

Light is being shone on what doesn't work anymore as the corruption, deceit, and mis-placed priorities of our old systems get louder and show themselves more clearly.

There's no need to be scared by this because as the old systems are shaking, new systems that are more loving, more inclusive and more honest are rising simultaneously.

(I'll be sharing favorite examples in coming weeks)

Its fun to actively look for these signs of life. What are you seeing in the world or in your personal life that feels fresh, life-enhancing, and creative?

What ideas, businesses, and organizations do you see that might be contributing to the beautiful, healthy world we're creating?

Its really seductive to pour your focus into what's wrong with the planet. Focusing on the negative is actually one of our oldest survival mechanisms.

However, if you can take a breath and try to find what is right and what is just may begin to feel you're already over the detox hump.

You just might notice that the age of Aquarius has already landed square on your doorstep.

All the best,



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