A healing session with me can take place from anywhere in the world. From the comfort of your favorite couch or your favorite beach cabana, just grab some headphones and relax. During our one hour phone call I'll use my real life spidey sense to feel into your unique, beautiful energy system.  All of us tend to carry around energy that is sticky, murky, or just not ours. I'll help you to move those things around, transform, connect or release them. At the same time I am like a conduit for all sorts of universal healing energies (actually we ALL are, I've just been practicing) that will rush in to help you.  I tend to think of a good energy session like cleaning up the closet.  We'll organize, we'll clear out the junk you don't need, then we'll fill it up with the good stuff.  Unlike those Armani shoes you had your eyes on, this good stuff already belongs to fact it IS you.  As you fill your body up with your OWN energy, your inner guidance gets more clear, you'll feel lighter, less burdened, less scattered, and more relaxed. I'll record our session for you so you can listen again as many times as you need to.


Packages are good for an entire year!  

option A: save 10% on two sessions

option B: save 15% on three sessions

**Packages will be paid for at conclusion of first session.  Any sessions still unused after 12 months are subject to any rate adjustments that have occurred.  Refunds and rescheduling available with more than 48 hours notice before appointment.





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