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Clouds and Sunset

Intuitive Healing 202
...enrollment is open

Join us for a deep dive into remote energy healing and intuition. We'll meet twice a week for three weeks via Zoom. Plus, all participants receive a one-on-one session with Camron, scheduled at your convenience. 

Develop your gifts...the world needs what you have to offer. 

Is this course for you?


1. Do you feel like a healer but you know you need more direction and experience? 

2. Do you already work in the healing arts (bodywork, yoga, psychology, nutrition, herbalism) but you know there's more that you can do and offer? 

3. Do you feel there's more you came here to do on earth and you're ready to explore?

4. Have you been dabbling in the healing arts for years and want to take it further?


If you said yes to any of these things then you are likely a great fit for this class. Want to make sure? Set up a discovery call with Camron...

Intuitive Healing 101 was all about working with your own, lets take it to the next step.  

Here's What you'll learn in Intuitive Healing 202:

  • how to connect with another person's energy field

  • how to interpret what you see/feel

  • how to encourage energy to move, change, shift

  • energy hygiene and healing space

  • how to rely on your healing helpers

  • how to honor your natural gifts...we're all different


Hot topics we'll likely discuss: 


  • how do I know I'm not making it up?

  • how do I know I'm feeling my client's feelings and not my own?

  • Why can't I "see" more?

  • Why don't I "feel" more?

  • what if I get triggered by my client's story?

  • what is the difference between 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional reality?

  • the importance of community

  • unity consciousness vs separation consciousness


Twice a week for

three weeks in March

via Zoom.


Thursdays: March 7,14,21

Sundays: March 10,17,24

TIME: 6:30pm-8pm PST

COST: $550 Before Feb 14 

$650 After Feb 14

BONUS: A 1:1 session with Camron intended to help clarify and strengthen your healing gifts. A private booking link will be provided upon registration.

I really want to do this course but...
What if I'm no good at this?

I was surprised last week when one of my most intuitive friends said to me:

"Camron, I want to take your Healing 202 class but I'm scared I won't be able to do it".


Are you having this worry too?


If so, listen up...


I believe we're all born to be able to do this work on some level.


Just like not everyone needs to be a concert pianist to benefit from the simple act of making music...


...You don't need to be a paid healer to benefit from experiencing your power to positively influence someone through energy healing.


In order to get you there, we'll spend time in each class playing with our left and right brain responses.


You'll learn to turn the volume down on the rational critical voice that limits you.


You'll learn to turn the volume up on the playful, trusting, creative voice....


...because this is the one that most clearly speaks for your intuitive guidance.


You'll also learn to relax into the flow of life force energy...


...becoming a conduit that can direct energy to a desired target.


Whether you hope to have your first experience of what it feels like to tap into another person's field...


...or you hope to gain a new perspective on the skills you already have,


You WILL leave this class with a stronger trust in the support of your connection.


When I ask my guides about the most important thing students will receive from Intuitive Healing 202, the image I get is of my boys climbing trees.




Through trial and error, (and the voice of their overbearing mother:)) Grayson and Cooper have learned to test the strength of the branch underneath them before putting all their weight on it.


Now they quickly know what it feels like when the branch can hold them or not.


Consider this course a super safe place in which to test the strength of your connection with your inner guidance.


I promise you won't fall very far because the group will catch you.


Remember, its through the testing of our intuition (and being wrong a LOT) that we gain discernment and the knowledge of what it feels like to be right.


The more we test, the more we trust.


The more we trust, the stronger our connection becomes.


The stronger your connection, the more supported you feel in life.

Ready to Join me? Click the button below

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