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About Camron

A lifelong mystic, I remember walking home from school at six years old, looking up, and wondering what was up there. Did the sky have an end? Did the Care Bears really live in those clouds? 

I soon realized that Care Bears weren't real but that didn't put an end to my questions. I joined the youth group at the church down the street in middle school. I started attending Young Life meetings in high school and was even a counselor for a young life camp one year. I majored in Religious Studies in college and lived with contemplative monks in Ireland for a quarter. I spent three months in India studying yoga and Vedic philosophy and became a yoga teacher. I earned a Masters degree from Antioch University where I studied holistic systems and the connections between things. 

Perhaps the most significant turning point for me, however, was somewhere between college and India, when I discovered energy healing for the first time. I was living in Moab, Utah and was on injury leave for my job as river rafting guide. I attended a class called "beginning self-healing" with a teacher named Christy Williams. 

Christy's classes were like magic for me. What I learned and experienced in her classes altered my world view in ways that made me feel happy. I noticed my body changing from these classes as layers of tension that had been bugging me for years began to dissolve.

After this, I sought out healers wherever I lived.

Despite my relatively healthy living and teaching yoga, I was constantly challenged with fatigue, brain fog and strained muscles throughout my twenties. Finally, in 2010 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

At this point, the energy meditations I had learned from Christy became more important than the yoga. Still teaching a LOT, I had to plan and rehearse my classes in my mind in order to preserve my strength. When I started doing this, I noticed I was getting the benefits of the yoga practice without any of the injuries.

It took me a while to appreciate it, but in this forced period of rest, I was learning the skills I'd need in order to do the work I really wanted to do...which was energy healing.

In 2011 I completed my level 3 Reiki certification with Marie Manuchehri. Then, under a two year mentorship with Nicole Walsh my abilities as a healer and intuitive really began to take hold.


One of the things I've learned from M.S. is that every life challenge has gold within it. The part I love most about my work is that I get to help others find their gold.


Today I live with my amazing husband and two boys in Seattle, Washington. I offer remote healing sessions by phone to people all over the country.