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Are We There Yet?

I mentioned on Monday that right now we're collectively driving down this bumpy road toward "Heaven on Earth". Being the punctual human you are, you're probably wondering what our ETA is. When will we actually get there? On a quantum level the answer would be: We're already there and we always have been. Any sense of "not being there yet" is simply part of the illusion we're waking up from. Trippy, I know! And now, you probably also want an answer that can satisfy your 3rd dimensional need-to- know-things-so-you-can-plan-for-stuff. I get it. First of all, according to teachers like Lee Harris, Tim Whild and more, we're firmly on the road and moving at a perfect pace. If you want a little more to hold on to, lets play Marie Manucherhi's "What If" game. I'm going to phrase all the things I believe are really strong possibilities as "What If" questions. This way you can bypass the part of your mind that wants to filter anything that sounds impossible before you give it a chance. Ready? What if...peace on Earth is not only a possibility but an inevitability? What if...the energetic shifts coming from the cosmos and from our planet produce such sweeping changes in human hearts and minds that we actually see world peace within the next 60 years? What if...within that time frame, we rebuild all of our systems (food, education, government, finance) in a way that totally supports life, happiness, connection and individual freedom? What if... authoritarian leaders won't be able to hold on to power because that same cosmic energy just won't support it anymore... and neither will the people? What if...we discover that extra-dimensional beings (ie: aliens) are actually family and they've been working with us since the beginning of time? What if...we're finally about to be welcomed again into the cosmic community as friends and equals? And finally, What if...we just made it through the first initiatory phase of this transition into 5th dimensional, heart centered living? ----------------------- If right now your head is spinning and you can't believe I'm suggesting these things, OR, you're measuring the vast distance between where we are now and the world I'm describing.... Remember that on a quantum level: All energies are available now. All realities are happening now. We're creating our collective future together one day at a time through our thoughts, imagination and feelings. While you're waiting for the external world to materialize, you can make your own little heaven on earth now. So feel free to put down your baggage. Are we there yet? In a way, YES. Now go forth and look for evidence of everything we talked about! Eventually, you'll always find what you're looking for. Lots of love, Camron Below you'll find a list of some of the people that have helped me make sense of the world in the last 15 years. Darryl Anka and Bashar - Cosmic disclosure and ET races Wendy Kennedy - 9th Dimensional Pleadians Pam Gregory - Astrology Gregg Braden- human origins, and prophecy Lee Harris - Channelled perspective on where we are and where we're going Elizabeth April - check out her yearly predictions Anne Tucker - angel wisdom is the best Diana Cooper - cosmic wisdom. Diana is an OG. Regina Meredith - wonderful interviews with interesting people Tim Whild - Atlantis and current energy events Melissa Denyce- near-death experiences and pre-birth memories Nassim Haramein - quantum physics HeartMath Institute - global coherence research If these topics interest you, these are people and organizations I trust to give you a good starting place for your exploration. Remember to follow your excitement and check in with how any new information feels in your body. If it makes you feel anxious or angry...its either not be true or its not something your soul needs right now.


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