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Remembering Stuff We Used to Know

December 7th, 2020

Hope you can join me for tomorrow evening's healing meditation. I'm loving being back!

Each time we meet, even with a small group, I feel like we're actively participating in this shift into the Aquarian age.

The energy that comes through feels unique to the day and the time we're living in but also to the individuals that show up.

Last week was very interesting!

I'm excited to tell you about it and I'm also hesitant because I know it will sound pretty wild.

Perhaps you can suspend your disbelief for a few moments and just enjoy the story.


I'll preface this retelling of last week's session by saying that every once in a while when I work, I'm lucky enough to have an experience of feeling my client's soul essence.

Sometimes I get very specific images of the knowledge and skills that soul has picked up in other lifetimes and insight into what that soul wants to learn and explore here in this life.

Well, lets just say that last week I ended up with three badass Druid witches on my call. It was awesome.

I've worked with each of these wonderful people individually BUT when I felt their energy collectively, it was very clear I was in the presence of greatness.

I knew that in one or many past lives each of these ladies had developed extensive knowledge about the energetic grid pattern or ley lines of planet earth and how to work with them to heal people and the earth.

This is not something I'm super familiar with and it actually took me several days after the call to put the correct words to what I was seeing and feeling.

Rather than individual healings coming through, I saw a triangle of light being drawn between the three ladies and then a huge portal of purple light coming down between them from the sky into the planet.

It was as if, together, they were able to open up a conduit for energy to flow through, giving the earth herself a little shot of whatever she was needing from the cosmos.

There are a couple things I'm taking away from this session:

First, it was a great reminder/confirmation that the planet itself is shifting in energy and consciousness AND that we humans are part of it.

What if we aren't parasites but are instead an integral part of this planet's process? Messy as it may be?

Here's the other thing this session brought up for me...

Several months ago, Lee Harris was talking about how people would start remembering ancient knowledge.

I understood in theory what he might be talking about but I didn't really get it until this session.

What if deep within us there's a remembrance of all our accumulated knowledge, skills and wisdom from other lifetimes?

How would consciously remembering that enhance or inform this life?

And how would it change things if we began to see each other as the collective of all our lifetimes?

What if we could see each other's soul struggles, traumas, lessons, purpose?

Would we be more forgiving of each other?

More reverent?

Less judgey?

What if that snarky checkout girl at Albertsons was actually a famous oracle in ancient Greece, killed by conquering Romans?

What if your mild-mannered accountant was actually a wise advisor to a 13th century king, beheaded for one wrong decision?

Sometimes I feel like we're all magical beings, safely hiding out here in the guise of normalcy just biding our time, waiting for the tides to shift.

What if the tides are shifting now? What would you remember?

Some food for thought.

Until next time,


P.S. Hope to see you tomorrow night (Monday) 8-9pm PST.


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