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Getting Quiet

December 3rd, 2020

One of the things I love most about my work is that it gives me time to peer into the window of what's happening on the planet energetically.

During last Monday's group session (Dec 1st, 2020) there were no individual readings because the message was clear for everyone. (and to my surprise was repeated in a private session on Tuesday.)

Here it is:

Prepare. Clean up. Get Quiet. Make Space.....

Now wait.

Now wait for what? What's coming? What am I making space for?

In an energy session, its pretty normal to spend time organizing the energetic field, clearing stagnant energy and making space.

And then inevitably, I see bright new energies rushing in.

But this time was different, we cleared and then that was it.


I could almost feel my guides laughing as they told me to be patient.

The cool thing was it didn't feel disappointing or bad.

It felt magical.

It was like floating in a vacuum where everything is possible but nothing has collapsed into physicality yet.

It was so quiet.

In my actual life, I've been feeling a strong urge toward simplicity and quiet since about a week after the election.

Since then I've been driven to do as little as possible and only if it feels good.

This means...

  • Longer mornings in bed while the kids make their own breakfast.

  • More snuggling on the couch with a blanket and less running.

  • Less podcasts, less news, less YouTube, less, less, less.

  • More legos, more coloring, more games AND more Disney.

  • Wine and a Rom Com while I cook dinner. It makes the cooking enjoyable again.

  • This year, we focused more on our Turkey Hat competition than our turkey dinner because it was more fun.

I actually don't remember a time when I've felt so peaceful and un-scattered.

And now I'm dying to know...

Are any of you feeling this too?

Are any of you feeling the urge to simplify even more?

Are you ready to shed all that stuff that's adding noise but not value?

Maybe its you're ready to steam clean your house? Or you've been dusting your cabinets for days?

I genuinely want to know so feel free to reply to this email if any of this applies to you.

If you want to talk a little more about what might be coming next and how exactly we use this in-between time to our greatest collective benefit,

join me tomorrow, Monday November 30th at 8pm.


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