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When the Universe Shouts at You

Camron Momyer

Fall 2021

Have you ever had that experience like the universe is shouting at you?

Putting the same message in front of you over and over until you finally acknowledge it?

This happened to me last week.

The message that came through was one I've gotten before...


..and forgotten before.

Remembered again...

And forgotten again! (sound familiar?)

Last week I remembered again because the message was put in front of me about ten different ways

until I finally shouted back "OKAY I GET IT!"

Thank you, Universe.

I thought I'd share the message with you this Sunday morning before I forget yet again:)

Here it is:

You are enough.

That's right...

Not only are you enough, you're a gosh-darn miracle!

Not for what you do.

Not for what you contribute.

Not even for for the miracles you make.

As Abuelita in the movie, Encanto, says "You Are the Miracle".

Your existence (and that of everyone and everything else) is enough - in and of itself.

Now soak that in and enjoy your Sunday!



AND...if you'd also like to soak in the good vibes (they're REALLY good) of


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