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Root to Rise - 5 Ways to Practice Discernment in the Age of Disclosure

December 16th, 2020

In 1986, when I was 8, a group of astronauts came to my grade school to talk about the upcoming Challenger launch.

During the assembly, I was called on to ask my question in front of everybody. I was so excited!

This was a golden opportunity, so obviously, I asked the astronauts how many planets they had visited.

And more importantly, "How many Aliens have you met?"

As you might imagine, I was unsatisfied and very confused by their answer.

I literally remember feeling that these guys didn't have/weren't telling the whole story!

So when news came out on Tuesday (December 8th,2020) that a high ranking Israeli government official openly confirmed that the US has been working with Aliens for years I did a happy dance of self-righteous exaltation.

"Finally!", I thought.

Just as I was getting ready to run down the street shouting the good news to my neighbors, I remembered what had transpired during our meditation the night before.

I've borrowed a familiar yoga term to describe the theme for last Monday's meditation:

Root Down to Rise Up.

What does this mean?

It means you can't show off your fancy backbends or inspire envy with your balance poses until you do the hard work to strengthen your legs and feet.

In real life, I equate this concept with a little thing called:


Stick with me here because the connection won't be obvious at first.

Let me explain...

Discernment might be defined as a measured process of discovering truth.

Discernment allows us to stay rooted and sane, making it safe to let our minds explore wild possibility.

Without discernment, we become imbalanced and will either topple over or cease to grow.

When we're top heavy we tend to get zealous about our beliefs. We might start holding signs and shouting on street corners.

When we're bottom heavy, new ideas can feel threatening.

If we can't touch it with our hands and see it with our eyes then it doesn't exist.

We might be drawn to condescending newscasters like this one who validate our safe belief in nothing new


When we use discernment, we're balanced because we're rooted in our hearts.

With discernment, the reliability of what we know, feel and experience for sure is what feeds us. All the rest is just for fun.


1. Be willing to examine and discard outdated beliefs.

Constantly ask yourself these questions:

-Do I know this for sure?

-Or do I believe this on faith?

-Does this belief add value to my life and others' lives?

-If not, what will I lose by questioning and revising this belief?

-What am I risking/gaining by sharing this belief with others?

2. Curiosity - The Power of Maybe.

When presented with new information,

don't be in a rush to decide if its true or false.

Be curious.

Its OK to hold many things as possibilities all at once.

Curious is better than Sure.

3. Listen More Than you Talk -

Seek out people with views you disagree with and try to understand.

When you're done listening to others,

ALWAYS, check back in with yourself and listen again.

Ask, What do I feel? What do I think? What do I believe in this moment?

Root into this, knowing that your unique perspective and its evolving shape adds value to the whole.

5. Honor Other People's Journey -

Its OK that we don't all think the same thing at the same time.

This is part of our strength as a collective.

Let go of needing others to think just like you and resist the urge to evangelize or convince.

Everyone else's beliefs are evolving just like yours are.


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