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Is Your Brain Exploding Too?

'm sure i can't be the only one, right?

With all of us trying to figure out WTF is going on here since the pandemic hit and now the protests many of you are reading and researching more than ever before.

Many of you have run into material that's brand new. You're opening your understanding to new viewpoints and new ways of seeing yourself, the world and the people you share it with.

Some of you have gone quite deep into the rabbit hole of what some might call conspiracy theory. And others might call alternative history:)

For most of you, you're hearing opinions and stories related to current events that seem totally opposed to each other but also both seem totally true.

If you're feeling idealogically challenged right now (aka your brain is exploding), well done.

This is a wonderful place to be.

You've begun to loosen the tethers that keep you bound to all those things you don't prefer.

When the tethers fall, you have the option to step into possibility.

Right now on this planet we're having the collective experience of "liminal time".

We're in the IN BETWEEN

This is very disorienting.

AND...this is when the magic of possibility opens wide.

Stepping into liminal time is like throwing all the puzzle pieces into the air. We've got this amazing window right now in which we can decide how we'd like the pieces to land.

But no need to decide too quickly. Marinate in the unknown for a little while longer.

Stop grasping for certainty.

Don't be in a rush to harden new ideas into beliefs.

Can you get comfortable being un-tethered? Breathe more deeply. Move your body. Know that you're safe.

Allow your brain to explode.

When the weight of the paradox finally takes your brain offline, you'll collapse into your heart instead. The world will look very different when you're looking from there.

And then, we can finally get to the project of creating what's next.

p.s.: a message from my teacher Melissa Joy:

"the only message that is ultimately true is love as unity consciousness. Any time we play at the level of us vs. them, divisively, we all lose. Let your love go viral; conspire and inspire for the truth of unity."

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