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Post election hangover

OK, its been a week or so. How's your post election hangover going? Doing OK?

Ofcourse, every four years there are winners and losers and someone is always disappointed. But this year seems especially brutal for the losing team.

For those of you reading who are NOT on the losing team. Congrats to you. Parts of this blog are applicable to you as well but for the most part, this is for the mourners.

I've been doing a lot of soul searching and thinking this week about what exactly happened, what this means and how we move forward. Below are my three biggest and best tips for shaking the hangover. (You are correct if you guessed I was a Hillary supporter!)

The great thing about these three tips is that they apply to life always and to any situation in which we must practice letting go of disappointment. These three tips will help you keep your energetic body healthy and will help you stay on track with creating a life you love no matter the external circumstances.


Would you agree that fear was the dominant theme in this election? Trump's success seemed to hinge on his ability to play to people's fears (most of which, I believe are mis-placed or overblown). AND, how many of you in this blue state of Washington balked in fear any time you allowed yourself to consider the reality of a President Trump? How many of us said with a fearful gasp..."Can you even imagine?! How awful!". We are guilty on both sides.

The morning after the election results, I was surprised to find myself waking up with a knot in my stomach. Fear was the dominant feeling in my body. I now understand that I was not alone.

Here's the problem with fear...Fear causes your energetic body to contract and puts massive strain on your kidneys, endocrine system and immune system. I am actually still fighting a cold I caught on election night!

From the perspective of reality creation, making decisions from fear will only serve to create more things to be afraid of. From a big picture perspective, fear does not serve you or anyone else. It is the only thing that keeps us at war and is essentially the exact opposite of love. Stop it!

Here's three things I did to stop the fear and change my vibration:

1. Remember Your Core Beliefs.

For example: I trust the goodness of the universe and in the positive arc of history no matter the current external circumstances. I believe the universe has no choice but to trend toward integrity, alignment and coherence (in other words unity, love, truth, connection) because that's the true nature of things. I believe we are all trending toward our true nature all the time. The hiccups, slow downs and detours we take in order to get there are all a necessary part of the process. I've been learning for a long time to trust my own mistakes and now I'm challenged to trust this collective mistake. I believe there isn't really such thing as a mistake anyway.

2. Turn off fear based Media.

Listen to the positive, constructive voices and let your voice be one of them. Be aware of fear based conversations and get out of them. Stop commiserating with your friends and family about the doom and gloom ahead.

3.Focus on what you WANT instead of what you DON"T WANT

Ditch the Trump hating support groups and anti-anything rallies. Join groups that are working for something rather than fighting against something. Take notice of the things that are working. Say thank you for the small miracles of connection, beauty and kindness. Share positive stories and be around others who share a similar vision.


Identify what it is that you are most concerned about losing, do something constructive about it (donate money, make your voice heard, write your senator) then LET IT GO. Think about something else. Turn off Twitter and FB. Do stuff you love and that makes you feel excited about life. Give yourself a media break for at least a couple weeks.

My Reiki teacher, energy intuitive, Marie Manucherhi outlined in her radio show last Thursday, 5 ways you can recognize if you haven't let something go yet....

1. You feel worried

2. You feel trapped or helpless

3. You feel a desperate need to change others

4. You feel afraid

If you still feel any of these things, make letting go a daily practice. If you need help with that I recommend listening to Marie's entire show. You can also come see me! Reiki is very effective for letting go.


I bet that if you look back on the hardest times in your life, you can see the positive lessons and heart opening moments that came out of the struggle. Maybe you lost your job...but you never would have learned about your life purpose had you kept that job. Maybe you lost a friend or parent to cancer but you had an entire year of life changing conversations you would not otherwise have had.

Here is my list of silver linings from this week...

1. It appears that much of the middle of the country feels left behind and un-heard. Now we hear them loud and clear and maybe now the real work can begin.

2. This is a both a challenge and an opportunity for those of us who disagree with Trump's social agenda to rise up, raise our vibration, and clarify what we believe in.

3. Democrats and Republicans might actually come together around their collective dislike for the Donald!

4. Trump proved that a campaign can be won on far less money than we thought and without the help of big corporations.

5. At least four more years of Alec Baldwin's impressions on SNL.

6. If nothing else, 4-8 years will go quickly.

If you have some silver linings you'd like to add, please respond on my FB page!

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