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Who's on Your Team?

Ten years ago, I woke up to notice that half my body was still asleep.

My left side was tingly from my shoulder to my toes. Worried, but convinced it would wear off, I carried on with my day. I taught yoga, ran errands, did grad school stuff.

That evening when the tingles hadn't worn off but were getting worse, some very wise friends convinced me to hit the ER.

After a cat scan, an MRI, and a bad night of sleep in a hospital bed, the doc arrived to tell me I had Multiple Sclerosis.


As a healer, teacher and "food is medicine" fundamentalist this diagnosis rocked the core of who I understood myself to be.

I was healthy dammit!

Even though I'm still healthy and active, the last ten years haven't been a total breeze. Its been a chore managing my energy levels, buzzing limbs, brain fog, eye strain, and dizziness. Not to mention the emotional roller coaster of denial, anger, overwhelm and FINALLY, I think I can say peace and acceptance. Maybe even gratitude? Maybe.

Anyway, after ten years of managing my high-maintenance health, and trying lots of different things, here is one big nugget of wisdom I can share with confidence:

It takes a team.

We aren't meant to do this alone, people.

There are so many people who have helped me since my diagnosis. Either they shared their gifts, their talents, skills, or perspective. Some of these people I paid for their expertise and some were like angels who just walked through my life for a moment.

Yet, the MVP's of my team are always the people who point me back to my own wisdom. These people empower me to hear own inner voice and help me feel a sense of connection to the larger picture.

These people stamp out the fear and help me know that everything is gonna be fine one way or another. That everything IS fine. This was true before M.S. and is certainly true after M.S.

Now, you may not be going through a full-blown life or health crisis but but the truth is, if you're trying to live a life that feels inspired and meaningful, it can feel like a monumental task sometimes.

It can be easy to lose sight of your North Star and sense of purpose when you're just trying to make it to through the check out line before your screaming toddler explodes. Or when what you do to earn a living takes up so much of your bandwidth, your passion for life is getting squished.

The fact is life takes a team.

So here's the question: who's is on your team? Do you have someone who can remind you where your North Star is? Help you hear your own voice again? Who can calm the fear and remind you that all is well?

If your answer is no then please put me on your team. I want to work with you!

Whether I'm working with you for a single session or a weekly event, my god-given talent and my greatest joy is to peer in to your amazing, unique energy system and to help you decipher what it's trying to tell you. I have a skill for moving energy that's stuck or mucky. During a session, I act as a conduit for universal healing energies.

In the last five years, my some of my clients have felt powerful rushes of energy moving in their body for the first time ever. Some have slept and relaxed more deeply than they have in decades. Some have connected with loved ones who have passed away. Many have made significant strides in healing their physical issues and almost all received clear, intuitive messages that changed the course of their life for the better in one way or another.

If any of this sounds like something you need, then put me in coach!

Please put me on your team and let me help you remember what you're really doing here.

I look forward to working with you soon!


Pssst... If you know someone who could use what I offer, please pass this on!

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