Intuitive Self-Healing

A Six-Week Course for Beginners

Days: Weekly on Monday evenings

Feb. 28th - April 4th

Registration Open

Times: 7:30pm-9:00pm

What's Included:

  • Six-90 minute sessions including no more than 10 students.

    • Full access to Camron's intuitive guidance in a small group setting.

    • Fascinating discussions with time for questions, answers and sharing.

    • Lots of practice and exercises to help you discover and strengthen your own intuitive healing abilities.

    • A 20 minute healing meditation in every class

  • Supporting Materials and Inspiration delivered weekly to your inbox.

Cost: $340




Class Outline

Week 1: What Kind of Intuitive Are You? - The Four Clairs

Every Human is born with the ability to perceive information beyond what can be seen and felt with the five senses. We all have a sixth sense but it shows up differently for everyone and is overlooked by most. While most people associate Clairvoyance, or the ability to "see", with intuition, you may actually be Clairaudient (hearing), Clairsentient (feeling) or Claircognizant (knowing). Find out which "clairs" are strongest for you and begin to open up a clear line of communication between you and your soul.

Week 2: Electromagnetic You - the human energy field

Did you know you are literally an electromagnetic phenomenon? In this class, we learn more about the shape of your energetic field, its connection to the planet and how to keep it healthy. We'll make sense of the practices we call grounding, centering and clearing and you'll come away feeling confident in your ability to practice these tools daily. 

Week 3: Chakras 0-3

Chakras are pools of spinning light that run along the length of the body. They are also the most fun way to begin to understand the connections between how you feel emotionally and how you feel physically. The chakras hold a record of all your experiences, thoughts and emotions. Today we'll journey through the lower four energy centers.

Week 4: Chakra 4 - finding neutral in a chaotic world

Did you know the electromagetic field of the heart is 100 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain? Today we'll talk about the heart chakra then take extra time to talk about the heart field, neutrality, and heart- brain coherence. We'll practice three scientifically proven methods for improving heart-brain coherence and for bringing you into neutrality from the HeartMath Institute.

Week 5:  Chakras 5-8

Today we explore the upper 4 "cosmic" chakras! 

Week 6: This Little Light of Mine - Using Your Light for Others

As empathic people, we can often feel over-burdened with worry for others' suffering. Many of us suffer from compassion burn-out. Lynn McTaggart, Journalist and author of The Power of Eight, has found that intending healing for others, when done right, is a powerful way to also heal yourself.  Today we practice using our light to heal others in way that builds us up and makes us stronger! 

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What people are saying about Intuitive Self Healing for Beginners...


"Thank you for a wonderful & enlightening series that opened my eyes in so many ways!! I’m honored to be a part of your inaugural series with a lovely group of people!!!

I’m practicing every morning for 20-30 minutes - great way to start the day!"  -FW, contractor


Holy smokes!!! I slept so good last night!  I have not been sleeping good for a long time- I think painting my aura field out and around me and draining the dark sediment really helped. Thank you Camron!

-HP, yoga teacher


"The course definitely enhanced the intuitive feelings I have always had. It was amazing to put a name to them (the clairs) and learn how to tap into them. Also, there was so much good information about the chakras - it was very easy to understand and ‘feel’. "- MP, entrepreneur


"Thanks so much for last night! I think I really need to do heart chakra work after reflecting on the experiences in class. When you were talking about the open front and closed back heart chakra, I think that’s me. There are times where I feel like I don’t have a choice and just have to do what it seems like others expect of me or what “should” be done in a situation. I  also feel like I have to do a lot to help heal the world and save the world, animals, trees, the environment, and help people with my whole self, like you mentioned.  Sometimes it's exhausting. Thank you so much for the Reiki at the end... I felt so amazing and cleared! I love this work and can’t wait to learn more!"

-AT, grade school teacher


"I just have to say that the class was hugely impactful for me and came at a great time. I’m so glad I was a part of it." -CK, geologist


"I have really enjoyed your class and learning new healing techniques with the body and chakras and ways to keep myself grounded and more in the moment."   - SG, trainer and trek leader