Energy Healing Meditations
A Four Part-Series


Each session will include information about your body's beautiful energy system and how you can use it to create more ease and joy in your life....regardless of external circumstances.

We'll talk a little each week about the nature of the shift in consciousness as we ride these somewhat rocky waves into the astrological age of Aquarius.


In Mesoamerican traditions, the prophecies tell us we're transitioning into what is called  the time of "the 6th Sun". (And its a really good thing:))


Many modern day teachers (like my teacher Danielle Hoffman), talk about this shift as a move into "Unity Consciousness."

Meditation and energy work are always great tools for creating more ease and well-being in your system, but at this time on the planet, these are especially potent tools!  There's so much energetic support available for us. Our job right now is to receive it. 

During class, we'll use simple movement and breath from yoga, Qigong, and Energy Medicine to calm the body and become more receptive.

During the guided portion of our meditation, Camron will flow Reiki energy and will narrate the energetic shifts and changes she sees.


If you're feeling like you could use some energetic support this season, we hope to see you there!





















The Details

Mondays In December:

8:00-9:00pm PST

$15 per class. 

recording will be sent within 24 hours