Monday Night Healing Meditations


Each session will include information about your body's beautiful energy system and how you can use it to create more ease and joy in your matter the external circumstances.

We'll talk a little each week about the nature of the shift in consciousness as we move solidly into the astrological age of Aquarius.


What does it mean for us individually and collectively? And if the Aquarian age is supposed to be so great then why does it hurt so bad!?.  Etc., etc.

We'll use simple movement and breath from yoga, qigong, and energy medicine to calm the body's energies. 


We'll also use silent and guided meditation to help quiet down your mind.


When you let your mind get quiet, insight, clarity, and inspiration begin to bubble up naturally.

You'll begin to actually FEEL what's going on beneath the surface appearance of chaos.

Come join me for Tuesday Meditations and Energy Sessions.

I look forward to seeing you there!






















The Details:

Dates:  Monday Nights. 

now through February 22nd

Time:   8-9pm PST

Cost:   $10 per class. 

includes recording.

The more the merrier!  Invite your friends and family.

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